Travelling is an important part of our lives now a days and people who have not yet discovered Pakistan are not aware of its beauty and global position. Pakistan is one of the best travel point for 2018. From plains to top mountains, from simple roads to deadly treks, from desserts to sea view, from old temples to magnificent mosques, from hot dessert to cold dessert, from lakes to hill stations; Pakistan is blessed with all types of travel locations and you must visit and discover the natural flavors of Pakistan yourself.

The top 10 popular tourism locations in Pakistan are as follow

  1. Monal Islamabad

A restaurant on the amidst top of Margalla Hills, Islamabad. Provides you with a fascinating view of the whole Karachi, where one can see the beauty of Capital of Pakistan – Islamabad.

  1. Lake Saif ul Mulook

Lake Saif ul Mulook is situated in the norther region of Kaghan Valley and is one the major tourism point. The beauty and its view make it a wonderful example of the beauty of nature.

  1. Mukhspuri trek

A trek near Nathiagali taking you to the top of the hill station making you different from the other people in that area.

  1. Thandyani

A top point near Muzaffarabad used to broadcast telecommunication signal.

  1. Cold Dessert Skardu

We have a cold dessert in Skardu.

  1. Neelum Valley

Neelum valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Kashmir. Spreading throughout, it is very popular with respect to tourism.

  1. Hunza Desoai (Land of Giants)

Deosai is one of the highest plain around the globe. The Deosai area is so huge that it is also assumed land of giants where it was supposed that giants could only live here.

  1. Thar

Coming out of some cold weather, Thar is one of the hottest dessert in Pakistan. It is situated in Sindh.

  1. Gaddani

So, it doesn’t finish at this point. Gaddani is a beach view point in Paksitan with an exceptional view. The natural water color and cleanliness makes it a very fascinating place for tourists.

There are many other points but these are some of the hot favorite tourism points in Pakistan. Make sure to visit and let people know how you feel about it.

Pakistan becomes Best Travel point for 2018