I will talk today. When you’re interested in a lady, I’m talking and she tells you that she´s she has a BOYFRIEND. Bah! I used to despise it, although I hate when this happens. The significance of this phrase:”I´m from the video escort bayan“.

When you’re a fantastic man (later on I will discuss ways to eliminate the fantastic guy that’s in each one of us), it used to activate in my mind a mechanism which stated”Don´t mess with a woman that’s taken, she would like to tell me she isn’t available”. I get shivers just to think how many chances I lost.

Well, if a woman says that she has a”boyfriend” can be because:

1. She does not have a boyfriend, but she want to let you know that you have shown interest for her and she does not like you. She’s taking you from the video game.

2. She would like to remain with him and has a boyfriend. She is taking you out of the video game. As incredible as it seems some women don’t wish to cheat him, and have found their man.

3. She has a boyfriend and she likes you. So wants to make certain you know the circumstance. She’s currently asking for Comprehension and DISCRETION. Obviously, she doesn´t need a commitment with you, but would love to be with you… Sweet thing. Don´Can you think?

4. She does not need to feel guilty about it, although she has a boyfriend, would like to cheat on him. She moves you the guilt by telling you. If something happens it is going to be your fault, she did her job by telling you that she has a boyfriend… the best part is that she wants to have sex with you, so be a man and do your work.

She Has a Boyfriend? – This is What to Do While Dating Ladies