Are you currently managing chemicals in your center? If this is so, chemical drums might be an investment that is important. They are crucial for the security of workers, contractors and the general public from harmful chemicals. Keep reading to find out what sorts of drums to search for.

Chemical drums are available in many types, such as poly drums, plastic drums, polyethylene drums, laboratory pack drums, salvage drums, and overpack drums.

Here is a sample of what they supply:

Lab pack compound drums

Lab pack compound drums arrive in 20 Gallon 14 Gallon and 30 sizes. They’re made from tough blow molded HDPE structure, so they are quite powerful and won’t crack or split.

It is really important to get some attributes on chemical drums such as locks. You will find an assortment of lock types (plastic lever lock, metal lever lock or screw on lids) to pick from, which is obviously great because sometimes you want to have the ability to lock the compound drums.

The drums are UN, DOT, in addition to food grade quality and flammability. These are pretty substantial standards, so you know that you are receiving very good excellent gear. The Laboratory Pack drums are qualified for packing groups I, II and III. They’re also pile and protected analyzed.

If you’re managing small amounts of toxic waste, then these are ideal – particularly for dental and medical companies, forensic testing labs, environmental testing labs, QA labs for chemical and other production plants in addition to instruction and academic research labs.

Chemical Drums – Three Types of Drums Designed to Protect Employees From Dangerous Chemicals