If you want to stick to the hot trend of recycling too and are searching for an economical, enjoyable hobby, then you need to have a look at the common, although old art-form of decoupage. Decoupage comes from the French verb, decouper, so”to cut” This pertains to paper cutouts that are cosmetic, glued and being layered on object questo lo riciclo. Finishing it of to produce the cut and the outcome will seem like an expensive painting.

Therefore, if you’re seeking a fun craft project that some very famous people was dominating, such as Marie Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour, and much more lately, Pablo Picasso and Matisse using his really famous blue nudes, then you simply require a few straightforward tools and materials, along with a little bit of imagination, and you are all set to begin this very enjoyable and fulfilling art-form. It is possible to decoupage on virtually anything like, picture frames, lampshades, publications, plastic jars, glass shelves, shelves, chairs, bed boards… well, I really could go on and on.

Decoupage was created in twelfth century China, but became popular in the rest of Europe and France . This art form is gaining popularity among the DIY audience as well as the crafters all around the world. The materials are extremely cheap, and also anything wills turn . From a set of shoes or a classic , to an image frame or an counter top. Glue your creativity and a few cut outs can transform anything possible.

Decoupage is a art form that recycle and reuse things more. This hobby is extremely friendly and can be only right for the world of today, when protecting our environment is essential. We will all help saving our ground, by opting to recycle and reuse, rather than purchasing items which will fill our land fills . So the next time you look at to throw anything have a second look that is great, as it might be converted into a stylish and decoupaged part of artwork. This art form is now the recycling of today!

Recycle and Reuse With Decoupage