We might never have heard much about Master P recently, because his music has not made a mark any current graphs. Regardless of the absence of existence in the spotlight, he also has been among the richest celebrity moguls on the planet. The self-proclaimed”Ghetto Bill [Gates]” will soon be hosting the fifth annual worldwide Spin Prizes with T.I. on February 23. Guess what else? In addition, he has fresh music wrapped up for this season!

Having an unbelievably large company empire, Master P has a net worth of $350.0 million! Discover more about how wealthy the millionaire hip-hop celebrity is at Master P Net Worth under.

Who’s the Richest Rapper on the Planet?
In 2016, Forbes rated the five richest hip-hop artists on earth. Sean”Diddy” Combs has been stable on peak of the list using a staggering $750.0 million in earnings. Dr. Dre follows closely with $710.0 million, Jay-Z with $610.0 million, Birdman with $110.0 million, and the novice to create it in the record is Drake with $60.0 million. Despite a net worth of $350.0 million, why did not Master boomers position in Forbes’ Five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists?

In 2013, using a steady net worth of $350.0 million, Master P rated third on the listing. Back in 1998, he had been at the top 10 of the Forbes list of highest-paid entertainers with $56.5 million, five rankings above Diddy. Diddy, however, surpassed the former NBA player due to his profitable partnership with Ciroc, Beats by Dr. Dre (which added to Dre’s riches ), also Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming support. The Forbes Five additionally continue to enjoy success in their own music industry, in comparison to Master P who’s had lousy album sales over the past couple of decades.

But most of Master P’s prosperity comes in really business savvy investments. He’s got other multi-faceted lucrative companies that perform well, and compensate for his reduction in movie and music sales. The next table reveals Master P’s net value in comparison to other hip artists. 50 Cent, who was one of the most plentiful rappers on earth, has seriously diminished in net worth following significant business declines.

Master P’s Net Worth: Master P Remains One of the World’s Richest Rappers