Clicking on”Everybody in Custody” brings up a list alphabetized by last name of currently incarcerated inmates and people reserved or published over the previous 24 hours King County Jail – Seattle Division (KCCF) Inmate Search.  The surface of the webpage also supplies letter links that permit you to narrow your search for just people who have last names beginning with this letter.

  • Clicking on”Those reserved using the previous 24 hours” or”Those published over the previous 24 hours” brings up alphabetized lists of just these individuals.
  • Clicking on the title of this inmate provides the following advice:
  • Complete Name
    Housing Facility
    Bail Amount
    Underneath the”Booking Events” section, click the + sign to start the info about every arrest and reservation of the inmate.
  • The + sign will soon open and Provide the following advice:
  • Inmate visitation schedule and some other constraints
    Court location
    Release date/if released-the cause of launch
    Bail permitted or refused
    Using “Search Jail Booking System”

This system permits you to search semi final names with the”Wild Card” attribute.

Last Name is required for a Wild Card Search. It has to include between two and 29 letters followed by an asterisk (optional). No special characters or numbers are permitted. If no asterisk is entered just people with an specific last name game is going to be returned.
Case in point:”wil*” will reunite people with last names beginning with”wil” for example”Williams”,”Wilks” and”Wiley”.
Case in point:”Williams” will reunite people with last name”Williams”.

With over 9,000 jails and prisons throughout the nation, attempting to find an inmate may feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. On this webpage, you’ll discover that the King County inmate search, inmate lists, inmate roster, detain reports and/or reservation information for the Kent Regional Justice Center at the city of Kent, King County from the state of Washington.

King County Jail – Seattle Division (KCCF) Inmate Search