My late father, Wayne Hooper, was born to music. At an early age, having grown up in a musical family, he received a God-given talent for singing with excellence and maturity. He loved the Lord and later dedicated his life to composing and arranging sacred music for the glory of God. Probably Dad is best known for singing for thirteen years with The King’s Heralds quartet for The Voice of Prophecy radio ministry. Often he was at the piano, transforming some original melody into a new hymn or harmonious arrangement.
During his retirement, Dad made a compilation of all of his music As Melhores Musicas evang√©licas and was surprised to discover that he had arranged and composed one thousand five hundred songs, including the well-known hymn “Oh! What a Hope! “, Which he composed while I was in my senior year of high school.

I remember the sound of music Рvocal and instrumental Рrunning through the house during my school years. Our family looked forward to evening worship as we sang together as we expanded our musical knowledge, reading ability and vocal techniques Рalways guided by Dad. As a result, singing in sets and choirs throughout life has been an important part of my experience of worship and praise.

Yes, my father was born for music. Holy music. On this point, he was very clear. I remember hearing it quoting from Psalm 98: 1: “Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done wonders” (ARA). I also came to love Psalm 104: 33: “I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will praise my God as long as I live. “Dad left to me – and countless people – the legacy of music. A legacy that is truly a gift that we can relay to God.
What legacy will you leave for your posterity? What were you born for? To what can you say “yes,” then receiving God’s thoughts, power, security, and guidance in your life? He will insert His words, melodies, and purposes into His song, so that it may be a blessing to others.

Born To Music