Unlike certain clothes you purchase, merchant accounts aren’t,”One size fits all” or”One type fits all”. The sort of merchant account for your company will depend on the sort of business and business model you will need.

Some companies need online pharmacy merchant account for startup. By way of instance, if you operate a brick and mortar retail shop and sell products from that shop by means of a mail order catalogue; you’ll surely have to have two different merchant accounts – retail and mail order – to pay each branch.

Because you will be processing 1 merchant account won’t do the job. Mail order sales should not be processed via a retail merchant account since they need to be processed using a”card not present” merchant account. Retail sales should be processed using a”card present” merchant account. Switching the two will lead to higher processing fees (mid-qualified or non-qualified discount rates).

Card Present Merchant Accounts

A”card present” merchant account is any merchant accounts where the credit card and client are present at the time the credit card is swiped through the terminal or magnetic card reader.


A wireless merchant account is a one that’s used with a credit card terminal. This sort of account allows a merchant to accept credit cards and receive a authorization for the transaction. The fees are higher although wireless accounts have fees and low prices like merchant accounts.


A retail merchant account is one where the vast majority of a merchant’s trades are swiped through a credit card terminal that’s connected to a land line telephone. Merchant accounts would be the sort of merchant account and have transaction fees and the discount rates.

Store and Forward

A store – and – merchant account is an account which allows a merchant to accept credit card transactions and forwards them to the chip at a time that is later. This sort of account functions like a merchant accounts in it is battery powered. The difference is that it doesn’t offer a real time approval. It provides the exact low prices and fees as a retail merchant accounts and is great for businesses that have little average tickets. Once a telephone line is present, you can plug your terminal and it will then forward the trade information to the chip.

Very best Merchant Account Category For Your Industry