Platform heel shoes are women’s footwear that have thicker soles which are generally made from cork and plastic. They vary from moderate height to very high heels. They differ from the typical high heels and the difference is in how these heels have a more even height whereas high heels have an angle which may lead to strain calf or leg strain to the wearer if worn for long intervals. Important lead characters in early Greek theatre productions were said to have used them to help increase their height.

Through time, these heels gained fame but it was during the nineteen seventies and eighties their popularity soared. Popular rock musicians were seen in them on stage quite frequently. Fans shortly followed the trend and near the end of the 90s, the stage heels grew even more popular if the all-girl band, the Spice Girls were seen acting in them in the majority of their point tours. Platform heels are found in a variety of colors, hues and designs and you can also purchase them online. You may find one special pair that will fit your style and character and in colours and designs that will delight you.

With platform heels found in styles which range from pumps to boots to sling-backs, the options are endless. There are colors to match any outfit and you will locate them in solid colors to pastel ones and even with designs like paisley print and polka dots. If you prefer ones with sequins and diamantes, then there is certain to be something which will fit your style also. The main benefit of platform heels is that they provide the height of stilettos without the need to have to strain to walk in heels that are pointed. Needless to say, with elevation comes the potential for falling if one isn’t accustomed to walking in them.

We’ve seen even famous models falling out of platform heels which are so high they appear to defy gravity! However, you generally need to avoid driving when wearing them since you won’t be able to judge pedal pressure correctly. Doctors also do not suggest wearing heels of any type for extended periods due to the danger of developing a condition called flatfoot. Even though there are people who prefer platform heels over the typical high heels, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Stilettos also have been a mainstay in many women’s wardrobes and they do provide a sexy appeal to an outfit.

Benefits Of Platform Heels